Woodled24® is the evolution of the new generation LED skirting board that uses advanced technologies such as the silicone LED strip, a mild and mouldable light element.
A new concept to give shape to light combines LED technology with technique and high quality of extrusion.
Woodled24® is called so because being switched on can be afforded all 24 hours throughout a day, due to the low electricity consumption the LED technology offers.
In addition, 24 is the sales concept of vending a “kit”, represented with 2400 mm long units and its multiples, 4800/7200/9600 mm.
The 2400 mm bars can be cut to different sizes during installation quickly and easily.
Once the skirting board has been installed in the room, simply insert the silicone LED strip inside the prepared groove and connect the LED to the driver.
Woodled24® was created to solve night lighting problems for corridors, entrances, private houses, public spaces, offices.
The light produced by the LED is very pleasant and non-invasive, creating a suffused light in the rooms, highlighting the beauty of wooden, ceramic floors or walls.
The application of lighting LED to a baseboard not only enhances the baseboard itself, but generates pleasant emotions and sensations within your daily environment.

Woodled24® gives your home a new quality of light and an emotion that surrounds you!

LED strip features:
• Class III insulation
• Energy consumption class A +
• IP 44 degree
• Conforms to  CE regulations

1 Easy installation.
2 Possibility of installing one or more skirting boards in any position in the room, even in different positions powered by a single driver.
3 Applicable to all our skirting boards.
4 Switch on with remote control to avoid unnecessary channels on the walls.
5 ON / OFF remote control and variation of light intensity of the LEDs.

Made in italy

All DeChecchi products are designed and manufactured in Italy

LED, skirting
3d-dec, LVT, pvc
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