Our technology

The union between the two companies, de checchi luciano, a manufacturer of wood skirting boards and unydeco, a manufacturer of aluminum profiles was born from a desire to be more competitive and deliver a more complete offering in the national and international marketplace, to give a breakthrough to the idea of profiles and accessories for floor laying and furnishing in general through products that personalize environments as well as individual design statements.
Almost all the products are created and manufactured within the two production companies that are adjacent to each other and any outsourcing processes are constantly monitored both directly by third parties and then within the companies before the final sale.
Cutting, moulding, coating, painting, hot coating process, polishing, brushing, packaging, hot-melt application, digital printing, floor scanning are just some of the processes undertaken in the factory.
The various types and ranges of products stored in large and well organized warehouses guarantee fast deliveries and immediate solutions to any problem of special installation or finishing.
The strength of the companies remains the highest level of quality: well-chosen materials, nonstop investments in advanced technologies, inspection and viewing of profiles with high definition cameras *, digital printing process with scanning and internal preparation of files, the automation of all production processes with the overwhelming entrance of applied robotics, the reporting of batches of production and availability of all profiles, the preparation of personnel with continuous updating courses.


A highly automated sectioning line can produce large quantities of sectioned profiles ready to be coated; the flexibility and speed of this line allows us to work every day with profiles of different widths and lengths without slowing.


Various modern lines make orders quickly and easy to keep up-to-date. We supply noble wood veneers or melamine laminates with spruce and birch glues or mdf (medium density fibreboard).
Our trim and lining systems allow us to make very short machine changes making it flexible to the delivery of profiles.


The profiles in noble wood species are subjected to a double sanding process to obtain an excellent superficial result after the painting process.


In order to meet the coloring specifications and the special treatments, our painting is carried out with a production line that, in addition to producing large quantities of profiles of the same shape, can paint small amounts of different shake and in different colors, responding flexibly and promptly to customers’ requests. We use both solvent paints and acrylic uv varnish water paints, and all treatments (oil painting, bleaching, decapping, antique) are entirely carried out within our plant.


A new, highly automated and robotic packaging system makes it possible to package the profiles not only with the traditional extensible film but with rigid carton packs, thus ensuring that even lighter woods can easily be oxidized to a constant uniform color from the time of production to the assembly . In this system the profiles are marked one by one with the production batch for immediate traceability of the profiles. At customer’s request, we pack them in personalized cardboard boxes, with customer-specific logos and designs.