Our history

Our family business dates back to 1957 when Mario De Checchi opened a small artisan restoration and furniture shop; later added works for construction and transformation of various profiles and slats in the furniture. It was at the beginning of the 80s when the first skirting was made; only solid wood skirting was handcrafted, one by one, and our way to more specialized and industrial production begun: the first moulding machine, the first multiblade mashine, the first painting mashine. The business was slowly growing and in 1988 thanks to the intuition of Luciano, the son of Mario, the first coating system was bought: the veneered skirting was born. Our company was the first on the italian market that introduced the classic 82 × 13 shape, coated in various essences and it was the beginning of unstoppable growth. The first warehouse was organized, the strength of our company philosophy even today.
In 2000, the first skirting board was covered with materials like pvc and paper: the road to a new type of profile was already opened and the production of the promonwood, skirting board with melamine laminated veneers, began to become reality.
Immediately after the first brushed and oil-treated finishes, the trattline line, skirting boards treated with special painting processes arrived.
In 2006, unydeco was founded, a company specialized in the production and processing of profiles in various alloys (aluminum, brass, steel) for the laying and finishing of parquet and furnishing accessories, which has a very wide range of ready-to-carry items till today.
Unydeco has been continually working with De Checchi Luciano, and the union and joint efforts of the two companies have generated many aesthetic and cutting-edge technology products.