CLIPLIST-The decorative strip with Push Clip System

CLIPLIST – The decorative strip with Push Clip System


Elegance, practicality and minimalism.

This is how the new Unydeco product CLIPLIST™ is summed up, an innovative patented fixing system of skirting boards to the floor using the “push clip system” technology.

The minimal skirting boards are fixed without the use of nails, adhesives or silicones; they are elegant in their shape and are offered in the main anodic finishes, such as silver and bronze, or white or black lacquered; moreover, through digital printing, they can be customized making the strip become one with the laid floor: a skirting board which, despite being installed, becomes invisible!

CLIPLIST™ strips can be laid on any floor: parquet, laminate, SPC, tile or marble; the only caution when laying the floor is to leave a minimum expansion of 6 mm around the perimeter. and a maximum of 12mm. Profiles can be used with floors that have the thickness not less than 5 mm.

Watch the video of how simple CLIPLIST installation is: